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                                     Class AAA, Region 8, District 14
          Record: 19-2 (7-0)      Principal Sherilyn Brown  Shelby County
3333 Covington Pike
Memphis, TN 38128

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Brandon Roberts 





                  CRAIGMONT 2009-2010                                                      

       The shift of power seems to be tilting toward the Chiefs of Craigmont in Division 14 AAA with Coach Taylor amassing another strong group of athletic young men. The Chiefs are loaded with a nice mixture of seniors and some of the best young talent in the city behind junior guard ard Cedric McAfee (6'3 - 185 lbs.). Senior guard Terrance Durham (6'2 - 180 lbs. diamond in the rough) will definitely make claim as one of the best guards in his class. The major difference will be the transfer of senior Edrick Bruce (6'5 - 190 lbs. diamond in the rough) from Cordova. His play in the CBL and the summer has taken his game to another level with solid inside play like another former Craigmont player in Gabriel McCullum (UTEP). Two other seniors that will notch major playing time, sharpshooter transfer Brandon Roberts (6'0 - 175 lbs. diamond in the rough) from Raleigh Egypt will contribute respectively. As stated by Coach Taylor as a "a show stopper" in junior Romerio Lewis (6'4 - 205 lbs. diamond in the rough) will make people notice early in the season. Left handed senior Tavin Cummings (6'4 - 205 lbs. diamond in the rough) and William Bedford prototype Darius Gibson (6'6 - 205 lbs. diamond in the rough) will clash for in the paint minutes throughout the season. Germantown and Craigmont will battle during the season and should meet in the District Championship game and also can play with White Station and Melrose for AAA postseason advancement. The AAA Regionals at Central will be very interesting and hard fought with some of the best talent going at it. 

Terrance Durham

      The Chiefs will participate in the annual Martin Luther King Tournament at Melrose High School. Another new Christmas tournament on the circuit is in Little Rock, Arkansas 'Heaven's Best Christmas Tournament' will be a stop on Craigmont's travel schedule. They will also attend the 2nd annual Memphis vs. Atlanta Classic which will have some of the best talent in the country at this highly touted classic. Also they will match up against Ridgeway in the Penny Hardaway Classic and take part in the AGFG Classic in Booneville, Mississippi. Last stop on their season schedule for tournaments will be the Mid West Show Down  

      Sophomores Robert Houston (6'1 - 170 lbs. diamond in the rough) and Brandon Hill (6'1 - 170 lbs. diamond in the rough) will vie for valuable playing time early in the season. Craigmont can easily go 9-10 deep off the bench with their trademark pressing defense.

College Coaches: Diamond in the Rough Team with legitimate off the radar prospects, (college coaches click here).


Recap 11-17-2009


Terrance Durham 6'3 Senior
Tavin Cummings 6'5 Senior
Edrick Bruce 6'5 Senior
Brandon Roberts 6'0 Senior
Cedric McAfee 6'3 Junior
Romerio Lewis 6'4 Junior
Darius Gibson 6'6 Sophomore
Robert Houston 6'1 Sophomore
Sam Craft 5;10 Freshman

College Coaches: Diamond in the Rough Team with legitimate off the radar prospects, (college coaches click here).

Recap 11-27-2007


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Edrick Bruce

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