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abcdreebok.jpg (4843 bytes) Class AA, Region 8,       District 16
Record: 24-7 (10-1)
Principal Ms. Tommie McCarter
4480 Westmont Rd
Memphis, TN 38109








               WESTWOOD 2009-2010                                                      

    Coach Isaiah Brown in his third year at Westwood has turned around a program that has not made the state playoff since 1986 when they won the gold ball and was runner up in 1985 the year before. Their first year in Division A is a very good move for schools watching their enrollment fall and trying to get their athletics back on the map after student move hiatus. A nice junior class led by juniors Jarvis Sullivan (6'3 - 190 lbs., diamond in the rough), David Pledge (6'0 - 175 lbs., diamond in the rough) Regional MVP who has asserted himself as one of the leaders of this fine ball club. Manassas transfer Zachary Smith  (6'4 - 180 lbs., diamond in the rough) good outside shooting and has come on strong after a leg injury midway thru the season sat him down for two weeks. Overall this team is one of the best outside shooting teams in the city, from all over the court respectively.

     Seniors Courtney Holt (6'0 - 175 lbs., diamond in the rough) and A.C. Nesby  (5'10 - 190 lbs., diamond in the rough), are a solid backcourt with A.C. strong slashes to the goal and Courtney Holt's drives and shots from 8-15  feet are very common and high percentage for him. Another junior that will notch major minutes and contribute heavily in the middle and all over the court with his all out hustle is Donnie Thomas (6'5 - 195 lbs., diamond in the rough). Sophomore Montreze Gary (6'0 - 175 lbs., diamond in the rough) sharp shooting skills and strong drives to the goal with the pull up jumpers compliment his game tremendously. This group of young men round out a solid starting line up with a solid bench at the same time.

     Westwood had a very productive two summers in a row with a lot of team camps to gel this group together as Coach Brown stated, "this team has to learn how  to win since it's been so long since they have won". Great angle to look at the situation with getting these kids confidence up and playing like Memphis Basketball Players play. This year a total different story with Coach Brown setting up a nice and interesting schedule that includes the MLK and Fayette Ware Classic around the holidays.

     Players that will contribute throughout the season are junior Michael McGhee (5'10 - 175 lbs., diamond in the rough) respectively.

College Coaches: Diamond in the Rough Team with legitimate off the radar prospects, (college coaches click here).


Recap 3-05-2010


A.C. Nesby 5'10 Senior
Courtney Holt 6'1 Senior
Jarvis Sullivan 6'3 Junior
David Pledge 6'0 Junior
Donnie Thomas 6'5 Junior
Zachary Smith 6'4 Junior
Michael McGhee 5'10 Junior
Montreze Gary 6'0 Sophomore
Desmond McKinney    
Raymond Stone    


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